Maradona’s contract as an ambassador for the UAE extended


The legendary Argentine player last year appointed by the Dubai Sports Council, DOD, as an ambassador with the task, among others, improving the quality of football in the country.
The appointment was made ​​after he was fired from his post as Click manajerKlik Dubia club, Al Wasl, who had cultivated during one season.
Council said the contract will be extended for another year, but details were not disclosed.
“Diego Maradona, since last year has brought added value to Dubai, outside and off the field,” said Secretary General of DOD, Ahmed al-Sharif, told AP news agency.
Click Maradona had expressed a desire to train and kembaliKlik been linked with clubs in China as well as the Iraqi national team.
Youth projects
However until now it seems there is no offer made to him and he was so happy with his job as a football ambassador for Dubai.

“No doubt, I am very happy with my job,” said the Argentine star Click the late June visit to Indonesia.
The AP news agency, he added he was involved in a project for young people aged 12 to 16 years.
“I want to give them good information and we would like to set up a football school where you can teach about things on and off the field.”
However he admits there are still many things that need to be done so that the United Arab Emirates national team succeed on the international stage.

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Romain Grosjean Staring Positive Hungarian GP

Romain Grosjean Menatap Positif GP Hongaria

Lotus rider, Romain Grosjean, he headed Hungarian Grand Prix next week, with a positive feeling.
Formula 1 car racer the French failed to score points in Spain, Monaco, Canada, and the UK, but later he was able to climb the podium in Germany.
Currently he is sure to keep the momentum victory while competing in Budapest, Hungary, which will be the 10th in the series championship this season.
“The third position in Germany is a good result, so of course now I have a positive feeling that deal with race in Hungary. We live a great race at the Nuerburgring (Germany),” he said.
Last season, Grosjean finished third in Hungary and wanted to repeat the success.
“I like the circuit and one of the best experiences I have had. I scored pole position for the first time in the circuit while competing in GP2 in 2008, then finished first and third. In 2012 I was on the podium in F1,” he said.
To win the race in Hungary which has a narrow track and a lot of corners, Grosjean said, he should be able merasih kualifiasi fastest time in half.
“We showed last year when we could be in the first line and would be awesome if it was vacant again this year.

Atlas Model Trains

Much like other companies in the hobby train industry the story of Atlas model trains is a story of vision, entrepreneurship, and tough work, combined with a passion for a hobby that resulted in a company that grew bigger than what anyone would have imagined at the foundation.

The beginning of Atlas Model Model Trains goes back to the first decades of the 20th century, when Stephan Schaffan Sr. founded what would become Atlas Model Trains. Back then, it was a tool company not a model train business and Stephan Schaffan Sr. was so undermanned that he had his son Stephan Schaffan Jr. come and help him with the business.

Stephan Schaffan Jr. wasnt happy with the money that he earned at his dads business (if he earned anything at all). He was a young and inventive man who liked machinery. He would go after work and built model airplanes at his house. There was a local airplane model shop where he lived, and he would visit it frequently. He used to annoy the owner by asking for a side work that he could do to earn some extra money, to which the owner would always refuse.

However, one day, the owner of the store grew so tired of Stephan Jr.s requests that he gave him some old railroads and model trains that he didnt want to use any longer, in the hopes that Stephan would get away and leave him alone.

Little did he know that these old railway tracks and models that he discarded so easily would ultimately become what today is known as Atlas Trains.

Stephan Jr. went back home and worked on those trains. Being an inventive and intelligent young man, he designed a switch set, which would become the staple of Atlas Model Trains, and that allowed the user to start and stop the trains by controlling the voltage on the tracks.

Later on, Stephan Jr. invented more products which made the company grow even more, while his fathers business started to appear small in comparison. Somewhere along the line, the original name was dropped and the company took the name of Atlas Model Railroad, even though most people know it by the name Atlas Trains.

Now with Atlas Model Trains officially presented, Stephan invented quite a few devices that saved work for the folks who enjoyed the model train hobby. For example, he invented pre-assembles tracks, that saved his customers the trouble of assembling it themselves. In general his inventions made track assembling much easier.

Today, Atlas Model Trains is one of the major names in the industry. Although Stephen Jr. is no longer alive, Atlas Model Trains and his legacy made model trains a much more easily reached hobby for train lovers.

Perez: CR7 Will Retire in Madrid

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez reiterated his club’s stance on the situation Cristiano Ronaldo. Perez said that Ronaldo will not be sold and will end his career at Real Madrid.
Ronaldo kept the subject of transfer speculation because of his contract situation. Ronaldo’s contract will expire in 2015 but did not want to put a signature on a new contract despite the club already handed.
Some wealthy clubs had quietly peek Ronaldo situation in the hope of getting the superstar. PSG and Manchester United touted as a major interest in Ronaldo.
“Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player the world and Real Madrid really count on him. I can confirm that here was the one he will end his career. In addition, we also have not received any offers for him, “said Perez told L’Equipe.
PSG president Nasser Al Khelaifi had said that he had dreams of buying Ronaldo. But if he wants to realize that dream, he would do it the right way.